AJACK – Addison-Juno-Austin-Colby-Kristina – I (Juno) was joking one day about winning the lottery and all the businesses I would like to start and what our parent company could be called. We quickly realized that all of the first letters of our names spelled a word. Kind of. I’m not sure what the work “ajack” is, but it sounds decent enough to be considered a word, right? Well, when the opportunity came up for me to start a t-shirt business, it only made sense to name it AJACK Apparel. So after I came up with AJACK and realized I could make Addison’s letter pink and Colby’s blue, etc. . .I wanted an actual logo. I wanted something simple but bold, and meaningful. Since we’re all one big happy family over here, I thought it would be cool to have a big A (our last name is “Avent”) inside a pentagon that would represent our house. At the same time, the five walls would represent the five of us surrounding the big A.

Having said all that. . .

I got into t-shirts because I’ve been in bands my whole life (Gabby Johnson, Juno Marrs, Kid Ego, Say It Ain’t So, The Cowtippers, Triple Annie, Furious George). Anytime a band makes t-shirts, you’re stuck with the design for a while. It’s a hassle to order them, a hassle to agree on designs, it’s expensive, and just. . .well, it sucks. And sometimes people love your designs, so you want to order more, but sometimes they don’t sell, so you end up giving them away. I wanted to be able to make my own shirts and not have to be forced into buying 200 at a time just get that bulk discount. And if a design works, keep it and make more. If not, move on to another design. And since I’ve got a 20-year background as a photographer as well, I’m very familiar with the digital side of design and editing and whatnot.

Why the connection to Mississippi? Well, I’ve lived in North Mississippi my entire life. I lived in Horn Lake for 25 years, then made the big move over to Southaven. There are a ton of people that live here that aren’t exactly proud to say they’re from this part of the country. Well, I am. I’ve always loved living here and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love to travel too, and there’s a lot of beautiful places in this world. . .I just believe that this is one of them!!

And you might notice a slight difference in the price of my “patriotic” line of apparel. We here at AJACK Apparel are true patriots. We haven’t had the pleasure or duty of serving the country in a military manner, but we greatly appreciate our troops and families of the troops for the sacrifices they made, are currently making, or may make in the future. So we take a little off the price as our tiny way of saying “thank you” for everything you do. Eventually I will set up some type of donation system within the website, but running a website is a new thing to me, so I’ve still got more to do. I’ve gotta figure out how to donate straight from the sells on this website, and I’ve got to figure out which organization we’ll be donating to. SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS!!

Now you know the story of AJACK Apparel. Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you can find something you like. If you haven’t followed us on all our socials, please do so. We’ll be constantly adding more content and forever evolving with the social media game.

Oh by the way, I HATE typos, so if you see anything misspelled or messed up (other than my southern accent that sometimes makes it through the keyboard), please let me know.