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This apparel business was an interesting choice for me to pursue at 45 years old. I’ve always known fads come and go, but never thought it made it way down into literally the fabric of the t-shirts that people wear. I guess with technology and all that, things are always changing. What style of a t-shirt do you want? How soft do you want it to be? What type of hems and sleeves do you want? It’s never-ending. There are companies that have 20 or 30 styles of t-shirts!! It’s crazy!!

I’ve decided not to sell any of the old boxy, stiff, heavy tees here at AJACK. As of right now (January 20, 2022), all I’m offering is 100% cotton shirts on this website. I have plans to start offering tri-blend and 50/50 and all types of stuff. Before I offer it to the general public, I want to make sure the shirts are good. I have several samples at my house and I’m slowly introducing them into my wardrobe. I’ll decorate them and wear and wash and dry them several times before I start to put them on the website. I want to have a really good sense of the fabrics I’m offering and want to be able to answer any questions someone might have about certain shirts. My wife is in on the whole process so she’s trying on all the women’s tees and tank tops and all the girl stuff.

Having said all that, I realize how ‘blah’ my options look right now on the website, so I appreciate your patience with me while I figure out all the options. I’m carefully selecting options for YOU so that YOU will have only the best choices when it comes to your t-shirt.

Speaking of t-shirts, I’ll also be adding other types of apparel. Hoodies, toboggans (beanies), masks, all kinds of stuff. So, again. . .patience. Thank you so much for visiting the website, I hope you can find something you like. Please feel free to shoot me a text (901-828-9476) if you have any requests for shirts, or if you find any typos anywhere on this website.

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